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Return Merchandise Authorization

Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedures

All Portacool™ evaporative coolers, parts, or materials being returned to Portacool, LLC for warranty replacement or repair require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Items returned without an RMA number WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Warranty parts can be replaced by the following methods:

  1. The distributor can purchase the part with an RMA number and will only be charged for the cost of the part, not for the shipping. When the defective part is returned freight paid, the distributor’s
  2. The defective part need to be returned to Portacool, LLC, labeled with the RMA number within 90 days of receipt of replacement parts.
  3. The customer / distributor can call Tech Support to get an RMA number to send the defective part back to Portacool, LLC. Once the part is received by Portacool, a replacement part will be sent at no charge.
Information needed to get an RMA number:
  1. The product serial number or manufacturer date code
  2. The product model number (ex. PACJS260)
  3. The part number or description of the part to be replaced
Only major component parts need an RMA number, i.e. fans, motors, pumps, and some plumbing parts. For replacement of small parts, the serial and model numbers are still required, but the parts do not need to be returned to Portacool, LLC. For warranty replacement parts call Portacool™ Technical Support at 1-888-266-5243. FAX: 936-598- 1431.

Shipping Address: 
Portacool LLC
721 FM 2468
Center, Texas 75935

Mailing Address:
Portacool LLC
P.O. Box 2167
Center, Texas 75935

If you need to register your product, please visit our warranty registration page on this site. For warranty replacement of defective parts, please refer to our warranty policy first and then fully complete and submit this form for a replacement part.


  • MOTOR-013-07B
  • MOTOR-012-04
  • MOTOR-013-06
  • MTRROO11
  • PUMP-0140-1
  • PUMP-CYC-5
  • MTRR0003
  • MOTOR-012-04-example2
  • PUMP-017-1
  • PUMP-017-2