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Jonathan Elkins is a car guy, through and through.

By day, he runs his shop, North County Springs in Escondido, California. By night and weekends, you can find him working on his racing vehicles and at tracks across the country.  

Jonathan’s Portacool story started in late 2012. After summer races at Lake Elsinore for the Lucas Oil Off-Road series with his Pro Lite Truck, he and his crew realized just how hot it could get in the California desert heat.

“Between qualifying races, you’re working hard to fix whatever is needed to put you in the best shape for the next race,” says Elkins. “We have to move fast between races. We often will be doing things like welding onsite, changing the transmission or changing the oil. It gets really hot, really fast. We need to move quickly, but we need to do all that without making costly time or material mistakes. On a regular basis we found the heat was killing us -- we were lagging.”

When he saw Portacool portable evaporative air coolers at the SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas that year, it was clear they could be the solution he was looking for to combat the onsite heat at the track. Soon after SEMA Jonathan had his own Portacool Vertical Tank evaporative cooler.

“It has made such a difference for us,” says Elkins. “My wife won’t even come to the race unless we have the Portacool there! And, for me, having the cooling after racing in the hot car is just a game-changer.” 

Jonathan keeps his original Portacool evaporative cooler at his home shop in Temecula, California, where he works on his truck and his son’s UTV they race in the Dirt Series. The temperatures in Temecula are regularly over 90°, and even upwards of 110°+ in the summer and his evaporative cooler keeps the shop cool and comfortable. His newer Portacool Jetstream 240 is the perfect size to keep on his race trailer. It goes with him to each and every race, where they run it off a generator.

He recently added the Portacool Jetstream 250 to his Escondido shop where he deals with extreme temps in the summer months. North County Springs is one of only five shops in the USA that manufacturer leaf springs and Jonathan needed to keep his work crew cool because there is no time to slow down.

“June through August is a killer. It regularly gets up to 112 degrees,” says Elkins. “Not to mention we are welding and fabricating, and there is a furnace out back. Heat is our enemy. Portacool is our help!”

At the shop, the crew prefers to manually fill the Jetstream water reservoir so it can be easily rolled to wherever needed without concern for a water hose tripping anyone up.

Elkins horizon is pretty big right now. He is the new driver of a Monster Truck called the Terminator and is driving in the Monster Jam series. The shop where Terminator is kept is regularly between 110-115°F in the summer. Portacool will soon be found in that shop too because according to Elkins, they simply cannot do without their Portacool. 



I consider my Portacool to be an essential tool in my shop and on the track.

-Jonathan Elkins

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