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    by Melodie Elliott | Jul 12, 2019

    Heat safety is high on the list of worries for individuals and businesses around the world each summer. Hot weather is hard on humans, sure, but it’s also hard on their pets. The question of how to prevent heat stress on pets without penning them up inside is one many Portacool customers struggled with – that is, before they found the perfect solution. An evaporative cooler placed in well-ventilated areas such as the yard or a garage with an open door can help furry friends stay safe and cool in the heat while still enjoying time outdoors.

    “Heat can have detrimental effects on dogs in the summer," said veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Lavigne. "Because dogs don't sweat, their bodies rely on panting as a means of controlling their body temperature. In the face of extreme heat their bodies can become overheated quickly.”

    And not all dogs and pets have the an equal risk for heat exhaustion or heat stoke as a result of summer weather. Certain breeds, obese dogs or dogs with certain medical conditions are more predisposed to suffering from heat stress and even heat stroke.

    With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure your pets are comfortable and healthy this summer, no matter how hot it gets outside:

    • Schedule outdoor time and walks in the morning and in the evening. The hottest part part of the day is typically between noon and 5 p.m. By targeting morning and evening - the coolest times of day - you are doing your part to keep your pet safe from the heat. If your furry friend will spend more than ten minutes outside, target these hours to hang out outside.
    • Watch for signs of heat stress. According to Dr. LaVigne signs that your dog may be overheated include intense panting, hypersalivation, staggering or weakness. The moral of the story? Be mindful to look and listen closely for panting that is heavy, uneven or unusual for your pet. 
    • Know when to take a breather. This is important for both pets and owners! If you observe the heavy panting described above, or if your pet is moving at a slower pace than is normal, stop what you’re doing and seek some shade, water and rest.
    For spot cooling outdoors to help keep fluffy nice and cool, you cannot do better than a Portacool portable evaporative cooler. Portable evaporative cooling systems are an energy-efficient and cost-effective antidote to heat. Just plug in your product near some shade and feel secure in knowing you can leave your pet outside while you run errands or work inside the house uninterrupted.

    While it is true evaporative coolers best in dry climates, pets and owners alike can be confident of the cooling power provided by Portacool portable evaporative coolers in even the most humid climate as well! 

    As our home-town vet Mark Jousan, of Center, Texas, will tell you evaporative coolers like the ones by Portacool that he uses are crucial to his outside shelter operations. Not only do they keep the animals cool AND happier, they ensure he's staff is cool and safe from heat stress as well!
    We’re sure we can find the right product match so that you and your pet can both have a safe and cool season filled with outdoor fun together! Check out all of our evaporative cooling options.